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NextGen Threat Intelligence Platform with Analytics, Visualization and Advanced AI capabilities. Supports Multiple feeds


Law Enforcement
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Counter Terrorism
Child Protection
Cyber Crime Detection
Cyber Identity Tracker

Cyber Security

Offensive Security
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Incident Response
ATM assessment
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A Digital Signature Gateway. Validates any Online transaction with timestamp. Supports eBanking, Online Trading and eGov Services

Welcome To ISnSC Website

ISnSC "Essence" started as an Information Security R&D house that has evolved through the years to a highly efficient Cyber Security R&D House with Intellectual Property in Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Defense & Cyber Intelligence as well.

ISnSC continuously researches new innovative ways to ensure User's Online Identity, to increase confidence in Online transactions & facilitates a paper-less environment.

ISnSC main focus has always been Machine Learning & AI to provide Preventative/Predictive Security.
After all, It is better to prevent an incident than to respond.

PKI & Cryptography

Government & Banks and Trading offer Online services. Where main method of authentication is still Username/Password. Few Online services use OTP (One-Time Password) as a second factor of authentication.

The main challenge with Online transaction is not the authentication process but the Non-Repudiation of each transaction. When a Customer visits a Bank branch, The Customer will sign his Application form, but do Customers sign anything while doing an Online transaction?

Using PKI, Customers identity will be authenticated in a more trusting manner than OTP, and they can still "Digitally" sign all transactions.