Trust Way™ is ISnSC in-house Authentication, Ecnryption & Digital Signature Unified Gateway

BENEFITS OF Trust Way™ :

  • Authentication Gateway & Federation Multi Factor Authentication Gateway & Federation
  • Digital Signature Gateway & Federation
  • Online Payment Gateway & Federation
  • Single integration interface with ANY 2 Factor authentication method besides a list of pre-installed methods already shipped with the Gateway.
  • Federated authentication interface to all government entities or any other enrolled applications
  • Federated digital signature interface that supports Soft keys (PKCS#12), Hard keys (PKCS#12) or Hosted PKI ( PKIX-XMP)
  • Federated Interface that can be integrated with any National ID card
  • Support of Multiple layer architecture ( an eService consisting of other multiple eServices or by other Vendors)
  • No User Intervention to locate the Private Key (User-Friendly).
  • No Hardware requirement for the solution, Smooth and easy implementation.

Trust Way™ Use Cases

  • eBanking Specially Corporate
  • eGovernment Proof if Liability
  • eTendering process

Trust Way™ supports following Logins:

  • OTP on Mobile by Entrust IDG
  • OTP on Printed cards by Entrust IDG
  • OTP on Hardware Tokens
  • Knowledge Challenge.
  • Scratch Cards
  • PKCS#11 ( PKI Chip Certified Tokens)
  • National ID Cards
  • PKCS#12 on Hard Disk or Certificate Store
  • PKCS#12 on Secure Hard Disk locked to a certain machine by ISnSC
  • PKCS#12 on GebFlash™ by ISnSC (saves Costs and Drivers)
  • PKCS#12e ISnSC AES encryption version of PKCS#12
  • Hosted PKI on server using ImagePIN Technology by ISnSC